Sometime ago it was believed that hair loss was due to genetics.   While it is true that male pattern baldness is hereditary, there are other factors to consider when your hair is thinning.   As advances in technology were made, it was soon discovered that a hormone called DHT was the culprit for baldness.   DHT is caused by excessive testosterone which is present in both men and women.   Thankfully there are natural hair loss products that men and women can use safely to re-grow their hair naturally.

Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, chamomile, rosemary, horsetail and even nettle root are some natural herbs that you can use in order to stop baldness. These herbs prevent DHT from damaging your hair follicles stopping baldness.

Diet and healthy nutrition also plays an important role in preventing baldness.    Foods rich in protein are milk and most meat products.   Protein helps in healthy hair growth.   Vitamin B helps in giving your hair good color and structure.   It is known to strengthen the hair root.    Vitamin B also gives hair that healthy glow.   Foods rich in Vitamin C improve blood circulation so your scalp will definitely benefit from this vitamin.

Minerals like iron prevent hair from becoming brittle and dry.   Dry and brittle hair tends to fall off faster compared to healthy hair.   Spinach is a good example of a food rich in iron.   Zinc prevents graying and falling hair.   Overweight people suffering from baldness should eat food made from whole meal flour as it is healthy and rich in zinc.   Insufficient copper in the body can lead to a form of alopecia or falling hair.   Eat peanuts and cashews, seeds, beans and whole milk to replenish your body’s supply of copper.

One of the best hair loss products is Ayurvedic oils.   Mira hair oil is a good Ayurvedic oil that can help with hair loss.   It is simple to use.   Apply the oil directly to the scalp every two days and allow the oil to sit in your hair for an hour.   After an hour wash it off and repeat the process after two days.

Aloe vera has long been touted as one of the best natural hair re-growth product.   It has been used to nourish hair and make hair thicker for generations.   It contains superoxide dismutane which nitric oxide.   These two compounds stimulate hair growth.   Aloe vera is good for people with male or female pattern baldness.

If you need hair stimulant right off your kitchen, you can try rubbing some onions directly to your scalp.   Onions contain sulfur which stimulates hair strands.   Massage some onion juice to your scalp before your daily shampoo.

It is important to seek out the correct hair loss products as soon as you notice your hair thinning.   Starting as soon as you can will help increase your chances of stopping baldness in its tracks. Should you wait, your follicles might lose their ability to re-grow hair and make it hard for you to fight baldness.

There are a variety of different hair growth supplements on the market today. Each is designed to treat hair loss in males and to treat it. The current top five hair growth supplements, Procerin, Profollica, Hair Genesis and Propecia all claim to be effective in male hair loss. This is a synopsis of each to allow you to make your own determinations.


This product has received some of the highest marks from review panels and consumers alike. Tests are showing as much as an 88% success rate. It was given great reviews not only on its results, but the price got raves as well. The service also put it over the top as one of the best herbal hair growth supplements currently on the market. It seems that Procerin is most effective on men in the age groups of 18 to 35 and men whose hair was still in a growth phase, but overall it received very positive reviews.

Hair Genesis

Hair Genesis received reviews from consumers who seemed rather pleased with the product line. That, and the 85% success rate from reviews, places this botanically derived hair growth treatment in the top ranks. Hair growth supplement is designed to stop hair loss so that regrowth can occur. Their oral supplements are designed to treat hair loss from a systematic viewpoint and block the progression of DHT before it is able to attack and damage the hair follicle. This stunts the progression of male pattern hair loss.


This hair growth supplement received lower reviews but tests still showed a success rate of about 85%. Consumer reviews have given satisfactory ratings on this product that is a hair loss solution through a regrowth formulation that is said to be revolutionary in that it is designed to specifically treat androgentic alopecia. Androgentic alopecia is the number one cause of male pattern hair loss. This three step formula treats that problem with their own unique formulation of hair growth supplements.


Propecia is the only prescription medication that is approved by the FDA to treat male pattern baldness. This hair growth supplement received positive reviews with a higher than average success rate of 66%. Some of the men taking this product, though, did experience sexual side effects. However, these side effects occurred in less than 2% of the men who took it and once they stopped treatment, the side effects went away. It seems to most effectively treat hair loss on the top of the head (vertex) and the middle front of the head (anterior mid scalp) in men only.

Overall, these products offer impressive success rates. The reputations of the companies are all either excellent or good and the customer support on these companies all receives high ratings. Procerin, Profollica and Hair Genesis all offer guarantees and shipping of these three products is relatively fast, usually within a week. Choosing hair growth supplements is a personal choice. Make sure that you are well informed when you choose yours.