Liposuction is a quick solution for those men and women who want to have a slim and smart silhouette. It is an approved surgical procedure that takes out extra bulges of fat from the body and gives a better appearance. Although there are other methods like exercise and dieting as well, people look towards liposuction when they want to have their dream figure in virtually no time.

Suitable candidates for liposuction

There is no standard or legal age for liposuction. Anyone who is physically fit and does not have any disease that may lead to a critical condition can benefit from the surgery. Liposuction removes localized fat deposits so the patient must has some localized fat that does not liquefy with exercise and dieting. It is also necessary that the patient should have realistic expectations in mind. People who have certain medical issues like blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases must put forward a brief history of their disease to their surgeon.

Liposuction as a substitute for weight loss

Most of the times people take liposuction as a substitute to weight loss which is a common misconception about it. In true sense, liposuction is not an alternate to weight loss and it should never be used for this purpose. In liposuction the surgeon carefully takes out fat tissues from your body after liquefying them. It means the surgery will essentially create some amazing changes in your outlook but the change in weight will not be noticeable. Although, some surgeons perform large volume liposuction that may give you a sudden decrease in weight, such procedures are not safe for the patients. Such a surgery can be life threatening or may give the patient an asymmetrical appearance.

Results of liposuction

Liposuction gives your body a contoured appearance by removing unwanted fat deposits from your body. It is often selected by those individuals who want to bring positive changes in the way their arms, legs, abdomen or hips look. But, these changes are not permanent. You can enjoy your new outlook only as long as you do not gain weight. A small change in weight does not make noticeable change and your new contour will simply be a greater version of your body. However, there is a great likelihood that you will need another liposuction if you gain much weight.

Weight gain after liposuction

Liposuction only removes fat and does not alter your body’s ability to accumulate fat in future. So, it is obvious that when you gain weight after liposuction the results of the surgery get affected. The treated are once again starts to gather fat, however this time its tendency to accumulate fat deposits is changed. If a patient used to store fat in his hips then it is likely that after liposuction he will feel that the fat tissues are now accumulated in his abdomen.

Surgeons never recommend to relying only upon liposuction to achieve your desired figure. Rather, you must start your regimen with dieting and exercise and then proceed with cosmetic procedures like liposuction. Feel free to contact if you want to know more about the procedure or its pros and cons!