Sometimes, liposuction is wrongly taken as a weight reduction treatment that is quite unfair with this cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is not a weight reduction technique and it should never be used in place of exercise and dieting. Although it also results in weight reduction but it is not much. However, the improvement that it brings in your body is quite noticeable and it is the primary reason why cosmetic surgeons like liposuction in Dubai!

Procedure of liposuction

Liposuction is a simple and straightforward treatment that is easy to understand and easier to have. It is performed under local anesthesia that means you will be conscious but the area under treatment would be numb. Fat buildups are broken down with the help of ultrasound or through injecting anesthetic solution, depending upon the type of liposuction. Once fat tissues are dislodged it becomes easier to remove them from body. For this purpose, tiny incisions are made in that area, small cannulas are inserted through them and melted fat is suctioned out. Now, you have a recovery period that does not take long and after that you are ready to see amazing results of your surgery.

Commonly treated areas and loose skin after liposuction

Men like to have liposuction in Dubai usually for love handles, neckline, breasts and abdomen while women want to reduce fat from thighs, hips, buttocks, cheeks and double chins. Some people fear that it will make their skin loose and droopy that it is not always right. Quality of skin after liposuction depends upon a number of factors like treated area, skin laxity before treatment, amount of improvement and care during recovery period. Some patients experience sagginess in skin while others do not have such issues. There is no way to predict it before the surgery because it is much about your physical traits and how you take care of yourself after liposuction.

Maintaining results of liposuction

Proper care after surgery is very important because it enables you to enjoy your results for a longer time period. Liposuction does not alter the ability of your body to accumulate and store fat and so, it is obvious that your body will still store extra calories in the form of fat. However, it is a common observation that if you have liposuction of your abdomen, fat will be more likely to store in other areas like breasts or hips after liposuction. The tendency of treated area to accumulate fat is changed but the overall tendency of the body remains unchanged. The best way to maintain results after liposuction is through exercise and calorie cutting. Consume whatever you eat through workout and do not eat much that could store in the form of fat.

Liposuction in Dubai is the quickest way to attain your dream figure. It creates beautiful cuts in your silhouette and gives you another chance to look attractive and admirable.