Obviously, you will not have missed the appearance of the traditional fangs on the front. Less imposing than on the 508 and 208, they are already sufficient to modernize the front face, just like the model’s monogram which is grafted onto the “muzzle”. But that’s not all, these new 3008 and 5008 inaugurate a completely new grille. No more chrome edges, fins now gradually fade under the headlights, giving it more character. Then, on either side of the shield, dummy vertical air intakes give more sportiness, according to the brand. In profile, nothing changes, and it is at the rear that we will find a unique novelty. The lights, now made up of several claws in 3D, go to full LED on all levels of finishes with a scrolling indicator. A regret for me, the false exhaust cannulas are still in the game. Finally, for more customization, a Black Pack option is available on the high-end GT and GT Pack. Several elements then pass to deep black such as the grille, the various logos, the roof bars and the rims.

Inside, you don’t change a recipe that works

Few changes in the interior which retains the modernity of the dashboard and the originality of the presentation. The iCockpit, which continues to generate a lot of ink, is therefore well installed. If you switch your 2016 3008 II to this new vintage, on the other hand, you will be delighted to discover a 10-inch touch screen (from the allure finish, against 8 ”), which nevertheless still lacks responsiveness, and persists in displaying a reversing camera with catastrophic definition. The digital instrument cluster, with enhanced contrast, does not change either; the 3D functionality remaining to the advantage of the 208/2008. Fortunately, the whole sees its improved finish, although still perfectible, and its very suitable reception for a family is preserved. The leg or head space is clearly sufficient for adults and allows long trips to be made with peace of mind. The boot volume remains unchanged, with a capacity of 520 l and 780 l, for respectively 3008 and 5008 in a 5-seater configuration. The 5008 is not – at present – not available in hybrid in order to maintain the two additional seats.

At the wheel, the lion’s paw is still there

When taking the road behind the wheel of a 3008 or 5008 we obviously find the small steering wheel, which for my part totally seduces me, and of course the excellent road feel specific to Peugeot. Its precise direction allows us to place the front axle where we want and the rear axle continues to roll up without flinching. Every time I take one of the last Peugeot in hand, I am amazed by its dynamic cornering abilities, it’s a fact. The chassis is excellent and the almost invisible body roll is really fun on winding roads; but also to be serene on a daily basis. As for comfort, they are also not left out. While driving, our two SUVs actually offer everything a family car needs to be convincing on all your journeys. The irregularities are rather well filtered, the soundproofing is sufficiently worked at steady speed and the general behavior of the vehicle is healthy. Unfortunately, a sound from the PureTech unpleasant under full load as on the 508 Hybrid disturbs these few qualities.