Shredded Bodyweight Cardio Circuit for 6 Pack Abs

Do you want a ripped stomach and that elusive 6 pack? Have you been doing crunches and sit ups with no results? Most people have trouble sculpting their body so they can see abs, but I’m here to offer up a solution.

In order to get great abs you need to do two things: lose fat and build up abdominal muscle fibers. If you only do one but not the other you won’t get a 6 pack. But do both and you’ll start seeing your abs in less time than just building the muscle or cutting fat.

The quickest way to blast off fat while also building muscle is through bodyweight cardio circuit training. You’ll be able to get your heart rate up, burn through calories, while using your own body as resistance to strengthen your core.

Do the following 10 minute fat-increasing, muscle-shredding cardio circuit everyday and you’ll start seeing your abs in no time at all.

Bodyweight Cardio Circuit for 6 Pack Abs

Do each move for 30 seconds. Don’t break in between exercises unless you absolutely have to. Stay strong and retain good form throughout so you don’t hurt yourself.

Make sure you listen to your body. Drink lots of water and allow yourself to fully recover after you complete each circuit.

You will do this circuit twice.

1) Power skip – This move is fun and will get your heart rate up. Do a little hop while raising one knee towards your chest and raising the opposite arm to the sky. When you land do so on the ball of your foot, then switch legs and arms and do another hop. Try to go higher with each skip.

2) Jumping jack planks – Start in plank position with your wristsbelow your shoulders, feet hip width apart, and pelvis tucked up and under to keep your butt from sticking up in the air. Then simply do a jumping jack while remaining on the ground, only your arms move, only your legs. Quickly return to plank position and repeat.

3) Double pump squats – Stand up and place feet hip width apart. Keep your spine aligned and lower down into a squat, with your tailbone tucked under and pulling your belly button towards your spine to engage your core. Squeeze at the bottom of the squat and give a quick pulse, or seond ‘pump’. Then, don’t just stand up but jump up and go right back into the squat.

4) Jumping knee tucks – Stand with feet hip width apart, knees soft, spine straight. Jump straight into the air and pull your knees up towards your chest and tapping the top of your knees with the palms of your hands.

5) Floor mountain climbers – Start in plank position. This move is basically like running on the ground. Bring one knee forward and touch your toes on the ground. Then do the same on the opposite leg.

6) Push-Up Burpees – Begin in standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Lower into a squat position and place your hands on the floor. Kick your feet back to position yourself to do a push up. After doing a quick push up jump your feet back to the squat position and jump up to standing, raising your arms over your head. Repeat.

7) Jumping lunges – Begin in lunge position, with your knee right over your ankle and your abs engaged. Jump up and quickly swap your legs in mid air while keeping your upper body straight. Raising your arms in the air will help you get more height. Keep your knees soft and land gently. Repeat.

8) Wide push ups – Go down into push up position but have your hands wider than normal. Your elbows should be extended, your body straight, and your hips held high (don’t let them sag). Inhale as you flex your elbows and lower your chest to the ground. Exhale and raise your body up. Pause for a second to feel the contraction and repeat.

9) Invisible Rope – Imagine that there is a jump rope and you have to hop over it, jumping two inches off the ground. Push through the balls of your feet and do quick, small movements with your wrists, as if you’re swinging the jump rope.

10) Mountain climbers – see #5

Here’s a quick summary to make things easier:

  • Remember – Go as HARD as you CAN.
  • Power Skip – 30 seconds – AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • Jumping Jack Planks – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Double Pump Squats – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Jumping Knee Tucks – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Floor Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Push-Up Burpees – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Jumping Lunges – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Wide Push-Ups – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Invisible Rope – 30 seconds – AMRAP
  • Floor Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds – AMRAP

Then, one or two minute break and do the circuit again.

Final Advice

Make sure you push yourself as hard as you can for each exercise, only stopping when absolutely necessary. After each circuit you should take a minute to recover before getting back into it. You should do the circuit twice and it should take you about 10 – 12 minutes to complete.

By combining cardio training with resistance training you will be able to see your abs faster than just doing cardio or crunches alone.

Having a good diet is essential to getting a 6 pack, so eat clean and eat more protein than anything else. Make sure you listen to your body but push yourself as hard as you can. This workout is proven to get you a six pack, so do it everyday and stick with to get those abs you’ve always dreamed of.